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Cooking Time Is Family Time: Cooking Together, Eating Together, and Spending Time Together
by Lynn Fredericks (Hardcover)
This is a cookbook for every family. 'What parent hasn’t struggled to find new and fun ways to spend time with his or her kids? Based on her own experience, Lynn Fredericks shows parents how. The introductory chapters and 125 recipes are written in an easy-to-follow step-by-step format.

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Your First Triathlon
by Joe Friel (Paperback)
Provides a complete guide to finishing that first triathlon. The same principles and training methodology that the pros and committed triathletes rely on are presented here in language that a beginner can easily understand.

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Triathlete Magazine’s Essential Week-by-Week Training Guide: Plans, Scheduling Tips, and Workout Goals for Triathletes of All Levels
by Matt Fitzgerald (Paperback)
Provides athletes with different plans for every skill level, and shows them how to build up their training to reach their ultimate goal.

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The Woman Triathlete
by Christina Gandolfo (Paperback)
Polish your technique and fine-tune your training.
The Woman Triathlete is the sport’s premier resource, customized to meet your specific needs. Written by women for women, this book is both a comprehensive and personal guide to becoming the best and fastest triathlete you can be.

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Triathlon for Youth: A Healthy Introduction to Competition (Ironman)
by Kevin MacKinnon (Paperback)
Helps young athletes from 12- to 16-years-old to begin a competitive career in triathlon, but in a healthy way that will enable them to develop to begin a competitive career in triathlon, but in a healthy way that will enable them to develop to their full potential.

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Running Dreams: The Long Road to Hawaii-Step by Step
by Marita Ritter (Paperback)
The road to the Ironman Hawaii Worldchampionship abounds with challenges and heartbreak. A courageous woman struggles through personal and physical challenges to achieve her dream of becoming an Ironwoman as she gains confidence and self-respect step by step.
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